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Since 2006, I’ve helped people bring their visions from a simple dream on a scratch of paper to a money making reality.


I have worked with dozes of entrepreneurs and business owners side by side to help design, develop and grow their online presence and get a hold of the tools they need to learn, and help maintain the things they build.


I am knowledgeable and open to working with folks in alternative health spaces.

To create and help next level dreams is the joy of my life!

My specialities include, but not limited to

Digital Strategy

How do we get from here to there?

Web Design

I do it, you do it, we do it.

Social Media

Totally confused or just need a to do list.

E-Commerce Sites

Wanna sell stuff online?

Email Marketing

Engage customers and clients in your products and services

SEO Friendly Blogs

Search friendly writing by you, me or us.

Google Search Engine Optimization

Plans for getting higher up in Google

Graphic Design

Let’s make things look pretty!

Podcast Launches

Execute on your own Global PR

Apple and Android Apps

Get it out there!


Lisa Snyder

Lisa is the Founder of Elle*Eye Digital & The Co-Founder of Tokeativity, The Global Feminist Community for Active Cannabis Culture. As a digital strategist, a feminist, and a lover of artistic experiences, she has executed over 2,000 digital projects since 1996.

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